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Botox does not work as well this time around, It seems my immune system is attacking it.  Three years ago when I was diagnose with this disease I got a cold and I have not been sick since.  I thought I was getting Emma’s cold but it went away as fast as it could.

My right hand grip is disappearing its becoming harder to button my shirts.  I can no longer open 2 Liters of soda or open a jar.  My left hand is getting weaker also.  There is a light in the living room I could turn off with my left hand but cannot turn off with either hand now.  They gave me a boot for my right foot so wouldn’t drag my right foot.  I wore it twice and it hurt my right hip a lot.  I have limping for two months and nothing hurts.  I will be using a cane or a walker by this summer unless the Lord gives my strength.

I am using my suction machine more often because I losing my ability to choke.  Most ALS patients die from a lung infection or pneumonia.  I have asked my Father to prolong my life until I walk all my daughters down the isle and attend my son’s wedding.

We also talked with the doctor about me using B-pap machine at night to help me breath while I sleep and I agreed to that.  We also talked about having hose inserted into my trachea attached to ventilat0r to take over my breathing when the disease stops my diaphragm. I am just where my Father wants me to be. I am living out of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as best as I can.  i am the product of the Holy Spirit.  I think about his promises to me every day.  That keeps me positive everyday (Hebrews 13:5-6 and Romans 8:31-38).  God give us grace as we need it and sometimes he gives us more.

Pray for us as we make different changes to my situation.  Each change will remind my family they are losing me. Debbie is doing more and she gets stressed out sometimes.  Call her and give her a good word from our Father.  Send her a card.  Remind her that she has a loving Father who leading her into a dark place.  Ask her to come along with you and get know her better.  She is better than you think and wiser than most women I know.  If you are young learn from her and she will learn from you.  Join the muscle stretching team when I can no longer move.  I will need a team of people to stretch my muscles so they don’t atrophy and enjoy each other’s conversation.  Bring your older children and have them stretch my muscles.  I would like all male team as well.  Surround Debbie with the love only Jesus can give you.  It will make my Debbie’s trial less trying.  Take her out and get her to laugh to remind her there will life after I am gone and after I am gone for a couple of years encourage her to remarry.

Do the same for my children.  Send them emails, facebook them with encouraging words, don’t be cheesy.  Take one of them out and do something with them, send them a gift, call them and pray for them.  Send them cards and hand written letters.  Make plans to take them somewhere they have been before and get them to do something they haven’t done before.  Remember Abby is afraid of heights since she was and infant.


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Heaven & New Heaven and Earth Guilty as Charged

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  • 1. Marco Guarino  |  December 23, 2010 at 8:02

    I am a friend of Abby’s from Canada. I find your hope and strength remarkable. I cannot even begin to imagine how hard this must be for you. I pray that God continues to strengthen you through this trial. You are such an encouragement to your family and myself as well. I will pray that God might grant your the desires of your heart, but if he doesn’t there is nothing better than being able to kneel before HIm who is worthy of all the honour, all the praise and all the glory!

    May God be with you,



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