ALS Update

July 14, 2010 at 8:02 1 comment

Debbie and I went to Lancaster General Hospital to have a speech evaluation.  I had to answer a lot of questions and demonstrate my tongue no longer works. They asked me questions about what make me choke or what kind of foods I am eating. They need to do this exam so they can make a requested for a computer program.

The people who pay for this stuff consider devices not computer programs. I need a big screen because I need to see the whole first to understand what I writing or researching.   This caused a lot problems for me me in school in math class.  I wanted my teachers to tell where we were heading so I could understand how the specific steps made the whole.  The Speech Pathologist asked me what my routines were.  I told her people with ADD people don’t have routines.

I am not a technical guy.  I don’t understand directions I am reading without great concentration.  Usually I do not read directions.  My mind works from the whole to the specific with everything.  You encounter this with me in conversation because my responses to you are general with little specifics.  However if I know something well I can give you specifics all day.  With my ADD I cannot handle few different thoughts in my mind or multi-step directions.  I need lists, directions written down in simple language.  I need people in my family to remind me about some upcoming event.  I write things on the kitchen calendar so Debbie can remind me.

I need simplicity.  The devices I have used since 2009 drive me nuts with small screens and complicated software that isn’t user friendly.  My abuse affects here.  When I do not understand something I get frustrated if I do not get clarification I become angry.  What I want is a program that will speak whatever I highlight to read  just word, or just a sentence, or just a paragraph or several paragraphs.  The speech pathologist is researching text to speech programs for me that will do this.  Prices range from $1,500.00 to $50.00.  The $1,500.00 ones has a lot of bells and whistles I do not need.  Most the $50.00 programs are not worth buying.

We may have to buy a text to speech program ourselves.

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Desert Books I read when I was young.

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  • 1. Mary Russ  |  July 16, 2010 at 8:02

    Paul – what a great memory you have regarding the books we read in junior high, I only recognized a couple of the names that you mentioned, but I don’t remember what they were about.

    The school years certainly hold some great memories!!

    Mary Craft/Russ


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