Tiny Joanna in God’s Hands

June 27, 2010 at 8:02 Leave a comment

Dear friends,

Would you continue to pray with us for our dear little daughter, Joanna?  Today she was flown to Hershey Medical Center after the doctors found a possible infection in her bowels and in anticipation of her future need for eye surgery.   Dave and I are feeling discouraged, as it seemed like she was doing well in so many areas, and now has taken several steps backwards. Our only hope is that God is merciful, kind, and trustworthy — any “step backwards” in our mind is perfectly planned and timed by the Lord, and is for the good of us and our little girl. 

Please continue to pray with us:

 – That the Lord would guide the surgeons’ hands, as they will probably perform heart surgery on her next week to close the PDA.

 -That as a result of the surgery, Joanna would be able to breathe on her own again and be taken off of the ventilator, (she was put back on the ventilator last night after much difficulty breathing).

 -That she would NOT need bowel surgery, but that her digestion problems would resolve on their own.  Pray that the blood culture comes back negative for infection.

 -That God would heal her eyes, and if surgery is necessary, God would give the doctors skill and wisdom.

 -That we would be a blessing and ambassadors of the gospel to our “newest ministry field,” the nurses and doctors at Hershey

Children’s Hospital.

 Thank you all for your faithful prayers on our behalf,

 David, Megan, and Joanna


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