My Favorite Authors

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My three favorite authors are C S Lewis, Philip Yancey, Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones.  I have read most C S Lewis and the writings of Philip Yancey.  Yancey’s best book was What’s So Amazing About Grace.   He also wrote The Jesus I Never Knew, Where is God When it Hurts, When We Hurt, Rumors, The Bible Jesus Read, Prayer Does It Make A difference,  and disappointment With God and more (  Yancey grew up in a racist fundamental Church.  He to Christ reading C S Lewis.   C S Lewis was an atheist before the Lord rescued him ( he wrote the Chronicles of Narnia, The Problem of Pain, Screw Tape Letters, Mere Christianity, The Great Divorce,  The Abolition of Man, A Grief Observed,  Letters to Malcom.  He also during the WW II gave talks about Christian topics on the BBC.  When he was working at Oxford University he organize spectator events between a Christian and a naturalist ( 0  Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones books started out as sermons he preached his commintatarys on Romans consists of 14 volumes and his commentaries on Ephesians consist 6 volumes.  If want listen to him go to (  There many sites for Lloyd-Jones just google his name a choose a sited.

The Banner of Truth publishes books and a magazine.  They publish Puritan books and men today that preach or write like them.  I subscribe to Christianity Today, and The Banner Of Truth magazine.  I also read the local paper.

My favorite stuff to read is Theology.  

The Puritans are my favorite authors.  The Puritans in the USA were Jonathan Edwards and Cotton Mather.  Most of the Puritans were in the UK such as: Thomas Watson, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Charles Rutherford, Richard Baxter, Thomas Boston, J. C. Ryle, Stephen Charnock, William Cowper, Thomas Shepard, Ralph and Ebenezer Erskine to name a few.  They were the writers  and preachers about the grace Jesus Christ brought to us when he redeemed us.

If want to check out the Puritans go to Fire & Ice at  Or go to Banner of Truth Trust at www.bannerof 

who publish the works of Puritans and from preachers today that preach or write like the Puritans.   Another site is the Puritan’s Mind at

Publishers to get Puritan writings:

Northampton Press (, Puritan and Reformed Publishing (, Banner of Truth (, Reformed Fellowship (, Heritage Books at (, Baker Publishing Group at (, many more sites can be found at ( Westminster Seminary Bookstore is where I buy new authors books at ( and Covenant Seminary is the PCA’s seminary that also has a bookstore (  Yet I buy most of my Christian and reformed books at ( where I buy by books a very severe discount.   Another site is Cumberland Valley Bible and Book Service which is located in Carlisle, PA. on main street ( where I bought a four volume hard back commentaries on Matthew, Mark, Luke and John by J C Ryle for only $29.99 recently.  It retails for over $100.00.

I get good books and commentaries at Ollies at a fractions of the retail cost.  You need to check the book section weekly to find good books.  I have bought more than 10 commentaries and books by two of my favorite authors C S Lewis and Philip Yancey.  You can find good reformed books however you need to root through the books to find a good book.

The Puritan’s writings will bless you beyond your expectations.


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