Thanks and an Health Update

January 23, 2010 at 8:02 Leave a comment

I often forget how many people are praying for us.  Thank you for praying.  I am so thankful for the Church. People are praying for me from many different kinds of Churches.  Some you know me very well or Debbie or you know my children.  Some of you pray for me and know a little about me so I assuming your praying because you know one of my children or my wife Debbie.   The cold was a challenge and next week MDA is bring a cough machine to our home and teach us how to use it.   If my breathing capacity is 50% or less I will be put on a respirator when I sleep.  We will find this out on the 26th of January.   This is a disease that takes away.  It has already stolen my ability to talk, I can no longer drink water or tea they make me choke, lettuce makes me gage.  I am drooling constantly-this is bothers me the most.  My ability to cough is slowly disappearing.  When I can no longer breath I will not be able to blow my nose which I do now all day along.   Thanks again for praying for us and for me.   We will give another update concerning my health after the 26th.

I am not worried about my health. God has me right were he wants me and that brings me comfort. My shurity is Christ’s blood on my behalf. I have no righteousness of my own, but Christ has given me his righteousness and Pa Pa looks at me with pleasure.


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