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I just finished studying the book of James and was amazed to find so much grace in it.   He exhorts us to act humbly through whole book.   Have patience during trials of many kinds and rejoice.  As we trust Christ during trials he mature us.  Humility also requires watching what we say making sure we speak only proper words.  Humility requires believing that produces good works.   Humility requires no favoritism toward anyone for any reason because we are all sinners but Christians are sinners that are saved by grace.  Humility requires we ask God for his wisdom realizing that friendship with the world is a mark of the ungodly.   Humility requires that do no boast in anything except in Christ our Savior.  We need to leave room for the working of the Holy Spirit and God’s sovereignty to play out in his providential will.  Humility requires us to pray when find our selves in trouble, singing praises to God when we are blessed, and if anyone is sick they should call the elders in their Church to come to them and pray over them so they will be healed and forgiven of any sin that may have lead to their sickness.   We need to confess our sins to one another and pray for each other because their is great power when we pray.   Humility requires us when we see some in our Church wondering away from the faith to go to them and speak the Gospel to them and win them to Christ and their many sins will be forgiven. 

 I always agreed with Martin Luther did that James should not be in the Bible, but no longer.  If we are born from above the Holy Spirit will change us to become what James commends us to become.  Our Lord is truly gracious.


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