Fellowship Offerings

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In Numbers in chapter 7 the tabernacle is finished and the leaders of the 12 tribes are bringing offerings for the dedicaction of the Tabernacle.  They each brought a silver plate, a silver sprinkling bowl,  each filled with fine flour mixed with oil as a grain offering; one gold dish filled with incense, one young bull, one ram and a one male lamb a year old, for a burnt offering; one male goat for sin offering; and two oxen, five rams, five male goats and five male lambs a year old, to be sacrificed as a fellowship offering. 

Burnt offerings and sin offerings dealt with our sins, but the fellowship offering was God’s meal with his people.  As the sacrifices were being cooked on the alter God shares the meat with the head of the tribes.  God is at the table eating with his people.  Jesus died to get rid us of our sins replacing the burnt and sin offerings and his merit to us reconciled us to his father as we stand before him as a holy people (Romans 3-4).

God in the upper room with his disciples before his arrest he instituted the Lord’s Supper.   Every time we partake of the sacraments we are eating and drinking in the presence of our Lord.  Later when the new heavens and the new earth are made the redeemed will sit with their Lord and eat and drink with him with singing  and with shouts of  joy.

Matthew 26:26-29; Revelation 22:1-6;  Isaiah 35:9-10


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