The Message of Hebrews

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I have been studying Hebrews for several months and want to share a little what it teaches us.  As I look out over our congregation in Pennsylvania I see some people struggling in following of Jesus.  They are wayed down by fears, personal bagage and lack of faith in God.  I want everyone to know the peace and contentment I have been given by my Father.

The writer to the Hebrew believers seems to be its Pastor who is away at the time.   A couple decades ago this house Church suffered serious persecution.  Now they are facing Nero’s execution of Christians.  They are terrified and some have become apostate.  The preacher is trying to get them back to the solid faith they once had before to withstand the fear and terror of their times. 

Make every effort to live in peace with all persons (12:4)

Make every effort to be holy (12:14)

Make every effort to cultivate the grace of God (12:15)

Make every effort to be sexually responsible (12:16-17)

These four instructions define priorities for all who make a commitment to pilgrimage:  a peaceful disposition, holiness of life, active sense of the grace of God, and moral responsibility.

Our final goal is the City of God, where angels gather in a festal assembly with the redeemed of all ages because pilgrimage has been completed.

Chriatianity is always looking forward to what we need to do for the expansion of the Kingdom of God and looking forward to the ressurection and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

So long as Christians live as if the real is what can be touched, tasted, and grasped with the senses, as opposed to the realm of the spiritual which must be grasped by faith, they will not mature.  Our attitude toward reality tends to reflect another aspect of  the materialism which effects us so profoundly.  However, the preacher affirms that the greatest expression of  reality is God and the assembly of those who gather in his presence.  When we come to the City of God we come to Jesus Christ, the mediator of the new covenant.  That helps us to resolve the issue of what is real: we come to him who is real!

William L. Lane (1985) and Paul Trask


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