I am a Sinner.

September 16, 2009 at 8:02 Leave a comment

Lest you think I am better than I really am.  Let tell you what happened last night and on an afternoon in Ireland.  I wanted to see a particular garden in Ireland  and we could not find it and I thought Debbie had not followed directions incorrectly.  I got harsh with her and put her down.  Last night I thought she said something to me that offended me and was harsh again with her causing her to burst into tears. 

Debbie is greaving about loosing me to this disease.  Debbie works for the Postal Service at home for 25 hours a week, has done all the paper work for my retirement, for social security, for medicare and medicaid.  She makes phone calls for me.  She teaches Emma and Noah at home and only askes me to help around the house and says yes to most things I want to do.  

I was being really selfish both times.  I broke the commandment not to be harsh with Debbie.  I damaged our relationship for a time and that should never happen.   The Husband is the one who is to be the one who sacrifices for his family and I failed to do that as well.  I have been meeting with a man every week and didn’t get in touch with him in timely manner for us to set up a time to meet this week.

I am a sinner.  Pray that God will humble me even more; I must not be harsh with anyone.  I know what to do but my pride gets in the way then I think I can justify my wicked actions.  Jesus forgive us.


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