Christians can never lose, are never defeated, and are never poor.

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Job lost all his wealth by theft, lost all his children to death, and then he was suffering from a serious skin disease and his wife tells him to curse God and die.  Then three friends try to cheer him up.  Job trusts God until chapter 13 when Job puts God in the Dock.  Job accuses God of wrong doing for seven more chapters. 

Then God speaks.

Does God answer any of Job’s questions or rebuffs any of his comlaints?  Not one. 

God answer is– Am I enough?  Am I worthy enough?  Am I capable enough?  Am I trustworthy enough?

Job fell into the thinking of a victim.  His suffering makes him come to very wrong conclussions about his God and about his suffering.  He is the protype for all victims.   I do not jest.   Where you ever raped?  Sexually abused?  Beaten regularly?  Never measured up to your parents expectations?  What we believe about our abuse and about God determines how we will live.  Most of us live in fear, anxiety, shame, rage and then get addicted to something to kill the pain.

The only thing that can rid of us of our suffering is coming to Jesus and following His will for us.  He will heal us or change our minds about the abuse and about Him.  When we become forgiven of all our sins and understand how much God loves us all the abuse no longer matters.  We remember it but it no longer brings us pain.

Jesus frequently says, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”  As much as we learn to trust God will our fears gradually leave us.   Then we will know true peace.


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Shame A Great Day

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