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I have asked many people to pray for me not to complain.  After thinking about that for sometime I have concluded any complaining most of the time is a sin.  I complain about people driving too slow or about my children not doing what I had asked them to do.  Job’s major sin was complaining.  Hurled complaints to God.  He even put God in the dock.  How did God answer him– “you have me.”  A Christian has no right to complain about most things. 

I complain about other drives about the things I do myself  and I am still able to drive.   I don’t have a right to complain about losing a job or not finding a job or about the behavior of our children.  I have been a complainer all my life and I suspect some other people are too.  The Jews after their deliverance from Egypt complained about not enough water or food and frequently accused God of betrayal wondering if he brought out to the desert to die and repeatedly asked to go back to Egypt.   God’s anger was always aroused when they did this.  It displays our lack of trust in our Redeemer who died and gave his blood to redeem us from sin.

Do we do not have any right to complain.  I have a terminal illness and I ask God to heal me regularly but I have no right to complain, he is the one in charge, he calls the shots, and he determines the when and how we die.  Count the blessings God has lavished upon us.  Our ingratitude is a scream in the “ears” of God, “You do not love me.”

Pray for me, for yourselves and for the Church that we might become a thankful people.  To become people that gladly gives to the needs of others out of our own poverty.  Accepting anyone that comes through our Churches doors.

Thanks is the opposite to Complaint as Fear is the opposite of Faith.  We are instructed in the OT & NT to thank God for everything because a Christian can never lose, are never defeated and are never poor (Romans 8).


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