Humility and Love

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Humility and Love are fraternal twin sisters.  Yesterday I was thinking about humility is love, but they’re not.  Let me describe what humility is from God’s perspective.  When we are truely humble we do not think about our selves very often at all.  Humility is seeing one self as equal to everyone else, equal to prostitutes, drunkards, junkies, murders, presidents, scientists, and medical doctors.  True humility is selflessness.   How is humility a twin of love?  Humility is the precurser to Love.  If we are not humble we cannot love well.  

Let me put it another way, humility is state in which we are not comparing ourselves to anyone else, we are not  competeting  with or criticising other people.  Why?  Because we are all the same.  Their is nothing to compare.   Love cannot exist without humility.  Read I Corinthians 13 and think about how humility is necessary in order to love people well.  Jesus talks about love often and two books in the Bible about love is the Gospel of John and I John.  Moses was the humblest man that ever lived until Jesus came to earth.  Think about the humility necessary for God to become a man.  This has always blown me away. 

The two things we need to become is humble and loving people.  These two virtues are God given as well as all the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  For the session I have always prayed for us to become humble men who love well.   I pray this for my self.  We need as a congregation that asks our Father to make us humble and loving.  Think about a group of people that are truely humble and loving toward each other and toward everyone else what a beautiful thing that would be.  We desperately need to ask our Father to pour out his Holy Spirit upon us and grant us the ability become humble people who love each other from the heart.

Jesus tells us when his sons and daughters love each other that tells the world we are his disciples.


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