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Jacob sent everyone of his family members, his animals and his servants across the river.

Near morning Jacob found himself wrestling with another man and they wrestled for hours until Jacob realized that his was wrestling God.   Jacob would not let him go until God blessed him.  God changed his name to Israel and gave him a limp to remember Him by.  Jacob was wanting Isaac’s approval yet in the early morning hours he discovered he really wanted God’s approval and love.

If your a man who is hurting because the you were raised with angry and abusive parents or parents the paid you no attention.   Turn away from your parents and cut them out of your life until you give in to the Lord surrender your life to Him giving him all your shame, hurt, anger and rage and ask the the Lover of sinners to rescue you and become you real Father.  Then you can approach you parents and try to establish a relationship with them.

Leah came to God with her grief.  Her son’s names in order were: Reuben– do you see my pain;  Simeon– do you hear my cries;  Levi– accompany me and please be with me;  Judah–   thank for your presence in my life.  Then Leah gave her servant  Zilpah to his be Jacob’s wife she bore him Gad– luck, happiness or success; Asher–  you have made me  happy;  Issachar– was Leah’s son when she paid Rachel with some mandrakes to sleep with Jacob and her son was her reward or wages.

Leah never was able to attract or love him enough for him to return his love toward her, but she found peace in Jacob’s God.

Broken people cannot medicate themselves legally or illegally, or find enough counselors to free them from their pain, fear, anxiety and shame.  The hole in all our hearts are in the shape of Jesus and he is the only one who can heal our hearts.   If you are a big sinner Jesus is the friend of sinners.   If you have been raped, sexually abuse, physically abuse, if your and addict, a pedophile, a prostitute, a gang member, a drug dealer; Jesus will not only heal your wounds, forgive your sins, bring about justice for you he will also love you and make you a child of the High  King.  He will never leave or forsake you and there is nothing in all creation that will ever separate you from his love.

Surrender to Jesus and cry out to him  and he will rescue you.


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Broken HELP!

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  • 1. Dick Fisher  |  July 8, 2009 at 8:02

    Paul, thanks for the love, grace and wisdom in your meditation and life. I especially appreciated and had never seen before the progression in Leah’s healing that led her to name her sons and Zilpah’s as she did.


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