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I asked a question on my last Blog and was disappointed no one answered it.


In Genesis Isaac was the father two twin sons Esau and Jacob and Isaac favored Esau and his wife Rabeka favored Jacob.   Jacob sold some porridge he made to Esau for his birth right.   Then Isaac pretended to be Esau with his mother help.   Isaac was now blind thought Jacob was Esau and gave him the blessing.   When Esau found out that Jacob had stolen his blessing from Isaac he wanted to kill Jacob so Jacob fled to his mother’s brother Laban.

Laban tricked Jacob to work seven years for his younger daughter that Jacob loved and the wedding night came Laban gave to Jacob his homely daughter Leah and when Jacob awoke the next morning he was shocked and angry.  Then Laban gave Jacob Rachel his beautiful daughter who Jacob loved and had to work for Laban seven more years.  During that time Jacob made a deal the made Jacob rich harmed Laban.

Then Jacob left for home.  the night before he was to be reunited with Esau he sent everyone else across a river and he staid behind.  That night he found him self wrestling with an unknown opponent but he realized he was wrestling God and Jacob demanded to be blessed so God renamed him Israel and touch his hip joint  and Jacob let God go.   Jacob walked with a lip from then on.

Genesis 26-33

This story is about Jacob and Leah and they  represent the two major reasons why men and women become broken.


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Who is the King and who is the bride? Broken

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